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Penny and Joe Houghton are based in Lucan, County Dublin, and offer an end-to-end service for any of your photographic needs.

Penny has a career of experience in graphic design and layout, and Joe has years of pro experience as a photographer, both for news and travel outlets as well as operating as Nikon's Irish trainer since 2008.  Operating as Houghton Photography Joe has trained thousands of DSLR owners, guiding them on photo walks around Dublin and Cork, and providing many with 1-1 tuition sessions.


For family and children, rather than the staged shopping centre shots or formal studio environments, we prefer to operate in the surroundings your children and family are happiest in - their own normal surroundings. This may be home, their own garden, or a local park. Everyone relaxes best in places they know, and this makes for lovely candid and emotion filled shots you will treasure forever.  And with Danny (4) and April (3) at home, we are also well used to getting images of our own children, so give us a go - you'll not be disappointed! Contact us on 086 384 3670 or email joe@houghtonphoto.com and let us make some family memories with you!


Do you need a professional headshot for use on social media?  LinkedIn profiles get significantly higher views with a good photo, so why not imvest in yourself and get a professional headshot to make you look your best and attract attention! Give us a call on 086 384 3670 or email joe@houghtonphoto.com and let us make you look great!


Great images attract business!  So much new business comes from online these days, so let us make your business look great.  We work with hotels, guesthouses, B&B's, holiday lets, builders, architects, estate agents - anyone who wants great shots of their property.  Give us a call on 086 384 3670 or email joe@houghtonphoto.com and let us make you look great!


Want lovely shots to capture a big or small event - we can help.  Birthday parties, communions, family reunions, prizegivings - we can come out and capture those precious moments for you.  Shots will be available on-line to browse and purchase soon after the event has ended, so everyone can get copies of just the images they want for print, social media or other use. Give us a call on 086 384 3670 or email joe@houghtonphoto.com and let us make your event one toremember for years to come!

Images for Sale

We have a growing library of wonderful landscape and wildlife images from Ireland and around the world.  Looking for a new image for the wall, or want some original artwork for a property or offices - why not browse our galleries and see if we have something that catches your eye.  And of course, we're always happy to discuss commissions if there's somewhere specific you want photos of.

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